Metering Boxes

The Electric metering boxes measures the amount of electricity that is used by your home or business, which tracks it by a rate of kilowatts per hour as is the electric companies billing unit of measurement. Installing a new electric meter box is not the most difficult electrical element to replace, but it needs to be done with extreme diligence since the risk of electrocution is always a possibility.

We are a hot press moulded advanced plastic composites used by SM Controls engineers to produce meter box, electric junction box and other variety of electrical products. These ranges of products are free from all the issues of rusting, denting, splitting, maintenance, etc.

Single-phase meters can only be housed in meter boxes complying with ESI Standards. Electricity suppliers will not connect to boxes outside of these specifications.

We offering two type of Metering Boxes

  1. Industrial Box - HT and LTCT
  2. Domestic Box


  1. Tamper proof
  2. Shockproof and rustproof
  3. High heat distortion temperature