Low Tension Control Panel(LTCP)

We offer high performance LT Control Panels. These are offered in both standard and customized designs with various capacities. It has a short circuit with stand capacity that is supported by cubicle type compartmentalized construction. The control panels can be easily floor mounted and extendable on both sides. It has an option of cable entry from top or bottom and customer choice of switchgear. These control panels are widely appreciated for their reliability, high performance and east maintenance.

We engineer these control panels utilizing upgraded raw materials and electrical components. While developing, our professionals keep in mind all the safety norms. Used to control the supply of power, the Low Tension Control Panel is available to clients in different specifications and capacities.

LT Control Panel receives the main power supply either from Generator or Transformer and distributes the same to various electronic devices and distribution boards. With the help of protective switch gears, they are used for controlling and monitoring the mains supply from a centralized location.


  1. Highly efficient
  2. Hassle free Maintenance
  3. Specifically design, user friendly and dust proof modules